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Kitsworld Kitsworld 1/48 Scale Decal Sheet KW148062~
Kitsworld 1/48 Scale Decal Sheet

B-17F Ye Olde Pub 42-3167 FO-S 527th BS/379th BG - Franz Stigler ME109 JG/27/6

More about Ye Old Pub

Badly damaged by AAA & fighters on raid to Bremen Dec 20, 1943
Crew turned for home when discovered by Lt Franz Stigler of JG 27/6. He did not shoot them down as ordered. He escorted the plane to the North Sea & then saluted and flew away.

Pilot Charlie Brown landed the B-17 'Ye old Pub' safely in UK, but too badly damaged to fly 1 KIA, 4 injured.
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