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Kitsworld Kitsworld  - 1/72 F-105D Thunderchiefs 'Cherry Girl' - 'Queen of the Fleet' '  Kitsworld - 1/72 F-105D Thunderchiefs 'Cherry Girl' - 'Queen of the Fleet' '

KW172152 F-105D 'Cherry Girl' - F-105D 'Queen of the Fleet' 'Mig Killers'

'Moe' Seaver Wiggins Pilot: flew F-105D-25-RE 'Cherry Girl' which spent a year in combat with the 357th TFS, 355th TFW. Takhli, Thailand. Mig-17 shot down by this aircraft on June 3rd 1967.

F-105D-6-RE, 59-1739, 'Queen of the Fleet' 149 TFS/ 192nd TFG, VA ANG, Richmond ANGB, VA,
Pilot: Maj. Dewey Drauker
Crew Chief:T. sgt. Roy Elmes

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F-105D-6-RE 59-1739, 'Queen of the Fleet'

Kitsworld Kitsworld  - 1/72 Scale F-105D Thunderchiefs 'Mig Killers'  Kitsworld - 1/72 Scale F-105D Thunderchiefs 'Mig Killers'

KW172153 F-105D Thunderchiefs 60-0504 ‘MEMPHIS BELLE II’ - 61-0165 ‘MY HONEYPOT’

REPUBLIC F105D THUNDERCHIEF 60-0504 'MEMPHIS BELLE II' 357TH TFS, 355TH TFW RTAB (Royal Thai Air Base) Takhli, Thailand, 1967.
The nickname Memphis Belle II refers to the B-17F that carried the same artwork during WWII. The two red stars under the cockpit represent the two MiG kills it claimed during the Southeast Asia War. Pilot: MAJ Buddy Jones.

F105D My Honeypot was the first to reach the 4000 flying hours mark (in February '70) and completed 600 south-east Asia missions in all.
Pilot: Capt 'Hap' Arnold Crew Chief: T Sgt. Bob Wheeler Artist Bernard 'Beetle' Bailey.

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Beetle Bailey F-105D 'My Honeypot'

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