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Kitsworld Kitsworld  - 1/48 Scale Decal Sheet Avro Lancaster KW148066
Kitsworld - 1/48 Scale Decal Sheet Avro Lancaster
Avro Lancaster B.III ED666 WS-G 'Goofy' 9 Squadron July 1943

Avro Lancaster B.III LL804 'Lady in a Champagne Glass' 300 Squadron (Polish) Faldingworth 1944

Release date end 2012

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Close up of Goofy
Avro Lancaster ED666 Crew

Kitsworld Kitsworld Lancaster Bomber- 1/48 Scale Decal Sheet KW148038 9 Squadron 'I'm Easy' LM453 WS-E, 'Lonesome Lola' LL845 WS-L
Kitsworld Lancaster Bomber- 1/48 Scale Decal Sheet
KW148038 9 Squadron 'I'm Easy' LM453 WS-E, 'Lonesome Lola' LL845 WS-L

We are currently working on the artwork for this sheets. If you have any images of the aircraft along with any information and you would like to contribute, please email us

Avro Lancasters of 9 Squadron
In February 1939, the Squadron moved to Honington received Wellingtons, and it was with these that it was involved in anti-shipping sorties in the early stages of World War II. These were replaced in turn by the famous Lancaster bomber in September 1942 and the unit became part of Bomber Command's strategic offensive against German targets and was now based at Waddington. Following a move to nearby Bardney, No. 9 Sqn specialised in dropping large bombs and the 12,000 (5.440kg) 'Tallboy' in particular.

Avro Lancaster Bomber 'I'm Easy' LM453 WS-E

On the night of 4th 5th July 1944, Bomber command sent a force of 231 Lancaster's and 15 Mosquito's to attack the V1 supply depot at Saint Leu D'Esserent. With the target area having been identified previously, the air crews mapped their route in order to miss major towns and known flak installations which they might encounter over France. What had not been foreseen was the amount of Luftwaffe fighters which had been assembled to defend the supply depot. This force would have a serious outcome with no less than 13 RAF Lancaster's being shot down over occupied territory.The bombing raid over Saint Leu D'Esserent was planned at night with the 'bombs away' set for 01H45 am. This particular night was a clear sky with bright moonlight. The attacking force assembled over England between 23h30 and started it journey over the English Channel and the French coast.
9 Squadron sent LL845, W4964, JA957, JA690, LL785, ME833, EE136, LM453, LL884, LL914, DV161, PB146, ME809, DV396

Avro lancaster Bomber 'Lonesome Lola' LL845 WS"L"

This aircraft replaced Lancaster Mk111 W5010 WS"L" which failed to return from an operation to Leipzig on the 19/20th February 1944.
LL845 undertook its first operation with IX Sqn on the 15/16th March 1944 when P/O Clark and crew (including F/O Matthews) took it to Stuttgart, this was P/O Clarke's 10th operation.
The artwork on the photograph shows 8 bombs which indicates that it had carried out 8 operations, the records show that the 8th operation was carried out on the 10/11th April 1944 when Ft/Sgt Horne and crew took it to Tours.
The 9th operation was carried out on the 11/12th April when P/O Clark and crew (including F/O Matthews) took it to Aachen . Assuming the art work (bombs) were added/painted after each operation the photograph must have been taken on the 11th April 1944 prior to P/O Clark undertaking the operation to Aachen. LL845 operated with IX Sqn until the end of the war.
On the 15th September 1944 S/L Pooley and crew flew it to Yagodnik in Russia for the first Tallboy" operation against the German Battleship Tirpitz" by IX and 617 Sqn's. W4964 WS"J" another IX Squadron Lancaster was the only aircraft to obtain a direct hit on the Tirpitz" during this operation, this caused the Germans to take it further South to Tromso hopefully for repair, however this became within range of Lancaster's flying from a forward base in Scotland if the mid upper gunner was taken out and extra long range petrol tanks were inserted into the fuselage.
Two more Tallboy" operations were undertaken by IX and 617 on the 29th October and finally on the 12th November 1944 when it was capsized. LL845 took part on the 29th October operation but was iced up and could not take off on the 12th November.
LL845 carried out its last wartime operation on the 25th April 1945 when F/L McIntosh and crew took it to Berchtesgaden .
On the 12th May 1945 15 IX Sqn Lancaster's including LL845 took part in Operation Exodus", their cargo this time was not bombs but was 336 Ex POW's who were successfully repatriated to the UK. Total operations - 97

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I'm Easy
Lonesome Lola

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